• August 02, 2017 | Jean Macleod

With the recent celebration of Mandela Day on the 18 July, St Peter’s Girls School’s, Head of Pastoral Care: Mrs Cara Eggett, planned and organised a ‘Pop Up Shop’, with the aim of assisting the school community.

Second-hand clothes were collected and brought to school by the pupils. These were sorted into categories, by schoolgirls, and displayed on hangers on the schools’ tennis courts, on the day of the ‘sale’. Prior planning was done in collaboration with representatives of the various departments who would benefit from this exercise, as to how the shop would operate. This was a valuable meeting where points of view and suggestions were made and decisions taken.

Staff were invited to come and visit the ‘Pop Up Shop’, on the day, and were given the opportunity to select items of clothing from the various display areas – all containing different types of clothing. This was a delightful experience for those arranging, as well as for those benefiting, from the exercise.

A successful and supportive initiative, which we hope will be repeated in the future.