• October 26, 2016 | Jean Macleod

St Peter’s Girls Prep celebrated their 10th birthday on Thursday, 20 October - the day on which the school closed for their Advent, Mid-term break.

A celebratory Eucharist was held to commemorate the occasion and amongst other speakers was Founder Headmistress, Mrs Trish Attlee, who reflected on the school’s first 10 years. The Venerable Trevor Prince led the service assisted by Headmaster, Mr Darrel Webb.

The entire school and staff then formed the numeral 10 on the field and aerial photos were taken by Graeme Reynolds who is a past parent of St Peter’s boys. This was followed by a birthday party which was enjoyed by the girls, the staff and the invited guests.

Happy birthday St Peter’s Girls School! What a great decade, but the best is yet to come!