Flexible Learning Programme

  • July 13, 2015 | Pam van Gass

Drones hovered over St Peter’s this week, girls visited Pick n Pay (to improve the nutritional value, packaging and marketing of products) and rockets and model aeroplanes were built as the Grade 3 - 7 girls engaged in the Flexible Learning Programme.

In each grade the programme was introduced with a probing, investigative question which required a detailed response after the completion of the research and various tasks. The choice of subject material and activities allowed for the application of personalised learning styles and encouraged independent learning, time management skills and deep thinking.  IPads and laptops were used successfully across all grades with the Grade 7 girls presenting all their results in QR codes. A ‘happy buzz’ permeated the days and the intrinsic motivation visible around the school was one of the valued realizations. Feedback from the girls was extremely positive as they accepted the responsibility required, enjoyed the flexibility of the programme and invested themselves in the multifaceted learning which took place.