Games Galore as St Peter's Boys Prep Engage in the Flexible Learning Programme

  • July 09, 2019 | Kent Sheppard: Grade 7 English Teacher and Bavin Housemaster

The Grade 7s had two days to create a board game during the FLP week. Their end product had to encompass the following criteria: be educationally sound, fun to play, challenging, and appeal to a wide range of players. The boys did not have access to their devices and so had to rely on the information at hand such as their text books, reference books, and the library – I’m sure the boys were tired of hearing about us teachers explaining that we didn’t have technology growing up and so had to rely on books and each other!


The boys then spent the last day of the FLP playing each other’s games and assessing them based on a rating system that included questions like “Would you use it to study?” and “Was it fun to play?” among others. It was very interesting to note how some boys really took to the challenge and produced some wonderful games, and these will no doubt be used towards the end of the year to brush up their knowledge in time for exams.