• March 14, 2016 | Fr Richard Wossler

Anybody can pick up a phone or a tablet these days and google ‘Easter’ to get the latest and greatest up-to-date trends and info. So to bore you with the facts that are already at your fingertips is a waste. You can find the meaning and a blow-by-blow description of each moment of the Easter Story on the net. Some of it is a morbid fascination to find out how gruesome the facts actually are or how it was possible that one man endured so much.


The only problem with the internet is that has no intimacy. It is all facts and figures and Easter is really anything, but that. Easter is the most intimate story you will ever hear - with you, as the leading character. It is about a God who values and loves you more than you will ever comprehend. A God who knows that you deserve to be punished because of your actions, but He takes that punishment upon Himself and pays the ultimate price and dies on your behalf. The price of your sin has been paid. It doesn’t, however, end there. Easter is about resurrection or restoration. Your sins are paid for and you are a child of God - loved, admired and adored by your Creator and, because of Easter, you will live forever. This is the intimate reality we cannot google, we can only experience it. So live the story, spend some time with Jesus this Easter and enjoy.