• July 17, 2018 | Jean Macleod

Two fun-filled events were held at St Peter’s Girls Prep School recently - in celebration of Father’s Day and to create an opportunity for the girls to have some special, quality time with their dads!

The Grade 3 girls and their dads were invited to an Orienteering and Coding Morning! They were required to work together, planning and programming a robot to follow a route on a grid, which the pairs had previously walked, on the school estate together. Lots of discussion and planning ensued and the girls were able, in most cases, to teach their dads some of their skills. Both dads and daughters were captivated by the activity and one dad was heard to ask his daughter if he could please have a turn now!!

The Grade 4 and 5 girls attended the annual Dads and Daughters Dinner, with special ‘dates’ for the evening – their dads! The Grade 6 pupils traditionally, arrange this memorable evening and serve at the tables, making sure that their guests are well looked after! A delicious dinner is served, after which there is dancing! This year was particularly successful and enjoyed by girls and their dads, alike.

Dads are significant people in their daughter’s lives! These two occasions were a special time to honour the dads in our school and for the girls to show their gratitude for the opportunity given to them, to attend St Peter’s Girls Prep School.   

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