Old Boy matriculants excel at the College

  • January 20, 2016 | College - Prep Boys Tops in Matric

Two of the Prep's old boys matriculated in the top 10 of all 103 students at the College. 

Harry Joannou

Harry Joannou - The top student with an overall average of 86% and achieved 6 distinctions

Harry was a prefect and a White Blazer recipient at the College. Besides excellent academics, he is the proud recipient of South African colours for Scouts. Harry received a number of awards at Prize Giving; however it was the Headmaster’s Award that set him aside from his peers. The recipient is courageous, confident to act in accordance with his belief, has an inner strength and an honest outlook on life. Harry achieved an outstanding 96% for Mathematics in his final results. His subjects: English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, AP Maths, Accounting, Geography and Physical Sciences. Harry will be studying Business Sciences at UCT this year.




Devon Hodgson

Devon Hodgson achieved 5 distinctions

Devon was a prefect at the College and also achieved his White Blazer. He attained honours for academics at prize giving and has over the years earned his full colours for Water Polo, Hockey and Drama. His subjects: English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, Accounting, Geography and Physical Science. Devon’s excellent results gained him access to study Chartered Accounting at TUKS this year.