Class of 2019 obtains a 100% Matric Pass Rate

  • January 07, 2020


On the occasion of the 22nd Anniversary of St Peter's College, it is both a privilege and an honour for us to congratulate the Matric class of 2019 on an outstanding set of results, which further reinforces our reputation for academic excellence.

Our gratitude goes out to Mrs Shelly Matthews, the HODs and Academic Staff for the contribution you make on a daily basis which is vital to the success of our College. We recognise the unique role that they play in promoting and advocating quality education. St Peter’s College benefits every day from the dedicated energies and time devoted by the members of our academic staff. St Peter’s College is successful because of the standard of teaching and all the additional opportunities offered to students, as well as, all the hard work that takes place behind the scenes. The Matric results of 2019 are testimony to this fact.

I want to congratulate the Matric Class of 2019 on obtaining:

100% Matric Pass
95% Bachelor’s Degree Pass – University Entrance

Furthermore, I want to congratulate the following individual students on their “Outstanding” set of results:

Tsai-Yu Shih - 9 Distinctions

Dane Groves – 8 Distinctions

7 Distinctions:

Olivia Mettler

Joshua Jandrell

Kosmas Joannou

Luke Leatherbarrow

Rohit Menon

Darren Piaray

6 Distinctions:

Matthew Beekman

Keshin  Bheema

Nicole Diepeveen

Marios Joannou

Shréyan Maharaj

5 Distinctions:

Erin Lai Thom

Tanya Paul

Julia Schroeder

4 Distinctions:

Kaitlin Banahan

Jordyn Nitch

Kerry Tucker

Kiara van Rooyen

3 Distinctions:

Ben Borchers

Maria Legoinha

Kristine Mahony

Zanele Ngubane

Robert Walker

We are extremely proud of Olivia Mettler, who was the Top Achiever in the 2019 NSC Examinations. She achieved a remarkable 7 Distinctions with an average of 92.4%.

“I feel privileged to lead such an exciting and vibrant school, which offers great opportunities for our students. It is our goal to make every student succeed, by offering them the best possible opportunities to become confident, thoughtful young adults who are prepared for any future challenge, in an exciting and increasingly global world. Our staff provide a stimulating, exciting environment where everyone feels valued and safe and students can achieve their full potential, as is evident by the 2019 results.” Rui Morais Headmaster

Our students are at the heart of all we do and their social and emotional well-being, as well as, their academic achievements, are very important to us all.

At St Peter’s College, we are proud of our caring, inclusive ethos where we set high standards and expectations for our students to achieve their very best. Our superb facilities and dedicated staff enable us to deliver our programmes in an environment that is intimate, friendly and attuned to every specific educational need.

Matriculants, you are our beacons of hope and the future of this country. As you enter university, college or the world of work, remember to always do your best as you forge

"Bravely Into the Future"