Sound and Lighting (SALT)

  • February 27, 2020 | Sound and Lighting (SALT)


The Sound and Lighting Team (commonly known as SALT) provide an important service to the St Peter’s College community. The Team, led by the talented and passionate captains, Tarryn Nitch and Blake Imbert, are responsible for setting up sound, screens and lighting at school events. These range from daily assemblies where microphones and projection required, to setting up for music ensembles and productions in the Madditorium, and assisting guest speakers and staff members in setting up for presentations and talks.

Recently, the Team attended sound training over the Music Bootcamp weekend where they learnt new skills and put them to good use in setting up for the different music ensembles the next day. Thank you to this dedicated group of students who provide the school with this “behind-the-scenes” service and for coping so well under pressure.

Ryan Hammond

MIC: Sound and Lighting Team