Art, Design and Media (ADaM)

  • February 27, 2020 | Art, Design and Media (ADaM)

As of January 2020, the Art Task Team is now known as ADaM – Art, Design and Media.  

This way, we will be covering a more diverse range of disciplines that we hope to grow to be in better service to St Peter's College, and beyond. The concept is more inclusive and different and may include other skills development from arenas such as the tech environment, digital media and even the building and construction fields.  

We believe, in service to St Peter's College, the above is the most effective way to make our Co-Curricular programme more engaging, and will allow the students, and the school community to create a more significant impact.

A new structure is now in place to improve the results, the following the Art Task Team structure is updated in place:

Staff involvement 

Alex Trapani and Dominique Gaydon will be involved. Our commitment to the running of a productive ADaM will ensure success. However, this must be a student-led programme that we facilitate. Therefore, we plan to include more participation from our Parent Committee. In 2019 Marina Prando's involvement has proven to be invaluable. We hope to "recruit" more parents to be involved in various projects. If you are interested in assisting in any way in 2020, please don't hesitate to contact Marina at, or Alex at,  

We have also opened up the programme and invited other St Peter's College staff to get involved with projects. For example, Mugochi Muchachari and the Enviro Club are assisting with the collection of 4 tons of wood for a particular project 12 months in the making; we are discussing the possibilities of working on a design project that will eventually be 3D printed with Steve Tudhope. Mr Tudhope's expertise with the technology – and giving workshops on how to work with the software, etc. – becomes an essential collaboration. We will need to involve the EGD Department to advise us on the best way forward. We have also had discussions with the Wellness committee about creating "Chill Zones" for the students, that the students design and build themselves.  

Outside input 

We will be holding numerous workshops and consultation sessions to assist the students wherever possible with experts in their field. For Example, Allen Laing came in on 28 January to give a seminar on sculpting in wood. He consults on the best solutions for the Wooden Thinker project, as well as co-supervising the process with the students.

As we did in 2019, we will also be holding workshops in Photoshop and Multimedia Design, amongst others. Captains, Vice-Captains and Group Leaders.

Much like 2019, we will need a Captain and Vice-Captains, but we have added another VC to the equation, making the total of VCs four in 2020. We need an extra Vice Captain to run the platforms more effectively. In the interest of efficacy, we have also added leaders who are assigned to specific projects and will then answer to the VCs.  

The Captain for 2020 is Sabrina Jansen. (In charge of Communications and Marketing) 

The Vice-Captains are: Matthew De Villiers (SPC Projects); Tumi Mogari (Media); Urish Naidu (Events) and Chiedza Dziruni (External Projects) 

Group Leaders are Isabella Beyers; Connor Roberts; Ndita Lesenyeho; Sienna Lenci; Lara Taylor; Djibraeel Morojele; Megan Parsons; Ben Wefelmeier; Alexandra Lockley; Kylah McCreedy. 

Alumni programme

We are involving past students and asking them to return to our department to come to share their experiences and to manage various projects, working alongside the students. Thus far, we have recruited the services of Anthony van Kerckhoven (2019) to assist in the facilitation of multiple projects. We plan to recruit more alumni to return to us with the skills they have gained.  Time 

Official lessons take place on Monday from 14:30 to 16:00, giving an extra half hour to the session. The lessons do not exclude students from working on projects every afternoon. Once a month we will be working on projects on a Saturday morning. Once a term, we will hold a clinic for two days during holidays so that students can engage fully with running projects without interruption.  

Hopes and Dreams 

We trust that our new approach to handling projects and the overall programme – colours scoring and awards for student participation – is going to earn the students more significant exposure and respect. We do not believe in entertaining a few students for a Monday afternoon, making insignificant arty-crafty objects that bear little relevance to our drive for service at SPC. We hope that the demand for our projects becomes significantly higher. Therefore, we will grow in student numbers, accolades and importance – not just in the Creative Arts Department and St Peter's College, but in our community and the greater Creative Arts world. We believe our students have so much to offer and their love, passion and respect for others can be channelled through these projects and have a significant impact on those less fortunate than us.