2019 Old Petrian's Water polo and Cricket Tournament

  • September 10, 2018 | 15th Annual Old Petrian’s Water Polo Tournament for girls and the 4th Annual Old Petrian's T20 Cricket Festival

Old Petrian’s Water polo Girl’s Tournament

St Peter’s College will be hosting the 15th Annual Old Petrian’s Water Polo Tournament for girls as well as the 4th Annual Old Petrian T20 Cricket Festival. The tournaments will take place from Thursday, 21 February – Sunday, 24 February 2019 at St Peter’s College. 

The Water Polo open girl’s tournament is the largest and the most prestigious girl’s Waterpolo tournament in South Africa. There will be 28 schools facing each facing each other and just over 360 girls who will be fighting to emerge as the winners of this tournament. The tournament will  be played under the new FINA rules and will also be the first tournament in South Africa to apply these rules. The tournament also presents an opportunity for all the water polo officials to gain their point ranking for the application of the new rules.

The Old Petrian's Cricket Tournament is set to change direction with new innovation being applied for the T20. The tournament aims to keep up with international standards and to regain its glory as the most beloved family  sports amongst school sports fans. 14 teams will be competing against each other and the St Peter’s College team hopes to take advantage of the home ground advantage for this tournament. 

Please click here to view the Water Polo programme and Fixtures

Please click here to view the T20 Cricket fixtures.

For more information regarding the tournament or St Peter’s College, please contact:

Mrs Nosipho Nkosi
Marketing Manager 
011 807 5315