Welcome to St Peter’s Pre-Prep School

Rector's welcome
Greg Royce

My first contact with St Peter’s was as a young teacher accompanying sports teams. The boys (in those days, only the Boys School existed) always seemed so much happier and more spontaneous and confident than those at the other schools I knew.

Coming from a far less well-endowed school, I was in awe of the magnificent grounds and facilities, yet the staff members were unfailingly welcoming, always treating one as an equal. There was a unique atmosphere of warm informality and professionalism.

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Head of Pre-Prep's welcome
Angi Buys

I look forward to welcoming you and your children to the St Peter’s family. We strive to inspire imagination and wonder in your children, while motivating their desire to learn.

We provide children with a warm and nurturing environment that allows them to feel connected and loved, which will set the foundation for all future learning and development.

The essence of all we are and all we do as a Pre-Prep is built on deep love for and commitment to early childhood education. This is a collaboration between you and us in order to raise our children together.

We aim to give children sparkling eyes and busy minds every day.


We are delighted to be opening a Pre-Prep at St Peter’s. We have felt the need to offer an environment that will align children, from an early age, to the ethos of St Peter’s. This relates to honouring the natural development of pre-school children. 

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School designs

Our future plans for the new school buildings. Click here to see the architects drawings. 

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Latest News from St Peter’s Pre Prep School

St Peter's Prep Schools Taking Action to Sanitise against the Spread of COVID-19

Pre Prep Girls Prep Boys Prep  March 15, 2020 | Grounds | Social and emotional | COVID-19 Management Team

The Njilo’s staff are amazing! Thank you for all the hard work this weekend where the staff have worked non-stop to sanitise all common areas across the schools.  This is an extra precaution and goes hand in hand with hygiene protocols that we must all follow when back at school tomorrow. Thank you Njilo’s from all of the St Peter’s Family!


Pre Prep Girls Prep Boys Prep  June 27, 2019 | Academics | Social and emotional | Jean Macleod

St Peter’s Prep launched the ‘little sibling’, to our family of schools, on Saturday, 22 June!

We are delighted to announce that St Peter’s Pre-Prep is full for 2020!

It was with great excitement that a fun-filled day was hosted where parents, and their children, got a feel for this wonderful new facility.