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About the St Peter's Pre-Prep

We are delighted to have opened a Pre-Prep at St Peter’s. We have felt the need to offer an environment that will align children, from an early age, to the ethos of St Peter’s.

This relates to honouring the natural development of pre-school children. We offer a play-based approach to Early Childhood Development. We recognise the importance of facilitating learning through play and allowing children to be more connected to the outdoors and the magic of learning.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is grounded in the fundamental principle of making childhood a positively memorable experience. We believe that when children are exposed to fun, exciting and adventurous sensory activities, they learn and absorb information more easily.

We believe in

  • The St Peter’s family, which grows a community based on Christian values. Spirituality is at the heart of the environment as we help children reach for their big futures.
  • Listening to our children. Every child deserves to be seen and heard as a valued community member.
  • Giving honour to children’s ideas and thoughts. This sets the foundation for a dynamic education.
  • Developing every child’s individual strengths and abilities. Each child develops differently and this should be celebrated.
  • The quality and happiness of our teachers. This translates into a positive and nurturing environment.

See our Pre-Prep presentation here

Our Approach

A Wonder-Based Learning Curriculum

Children are born with a natural capacity for wonder and curiosity. These act as a catalyst that motivates them to learn more. That is why we base our curriculum on wonder-based teaching that is driven by a child’s interest in and ideas around different themes. As a result, we often see children developing a life-long love for learning that sets them on an exciting journey to discover more about the world around them.

We are committed to:

  • Providing children with open-ended, child-initiated play activities that develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Teaching children about themselves and those around them, thus developing social skills and encouraging interactions in a manner that respects individual differences.
  • Lessons and activities conducted outdoors and in nature, as this forms a large part of learning. Young children are naturally drawn to playing outside. This not only supports physical development, but plays a huge role in exploration and cultivating a love of the environment.
  • Ensuring a strong foundation in pre-reading, pre-writing and numeracy skills, based on perceptual development, so that children are well prepared for formal schooling when they progress to prep school.

Extramurals included in the curriculum:

  • Music

  • Playball

  • Pottery

  • Baking

  • Woodwork