Grade 9 Students engaged in a project titled ‘The Future is Exciting’

  • September 12, 2018

The Grade 9 Students engaged in a project titled ‘The Future is Exciting’. The aim of the project was to expose students to what awaits them after they finish school. The project included an ‘Amazing Race’ around WITS University where teams competed against each other to complete a number of tasks around the campus. The course included tasks on East and West Campus and showed students the various faculties and facilities at the University. Activities involved using QR codes to find out about the history of statues and alumni and posting answers about the campus and student organisations to Twitter.

The day aimed to incorporate a number of subjects. Students were required to measure the Tower of Light and Champion Tree using their clinometers and trigonometry for Mathematics. Science and History were incorporated through tasks in the Oppenheimer Life Sciences Museum and Origins Center. Dance and Art were incorporated through activities in the Trance Dance and Tapestry Room of the Origins Center. Students also had the opportunity to visit the WITS Art Museum, where they viewed the current exhibition ‘Beyond the Readymade’ by Dr. Alison Kearney. Students used the answers and photos collected throughout the day to complete a storyboard using the CANVA software.

As part of the project, the school hosted world-renowned paleontologist Lindsay Hunter. Lindsay, was part of the elite team, nicknamed the ‘underground astronauts’ who were responsible for extracting the fossils that led to the discovery of Homo Naledi. Lindsay spoke to the whole school about her work on the ‘Rising Star Expedition’ and her current work as a Ph.D. student at WITS University.

The College also hosted 27 professionals in various fields, who completed a ‘Speed Date your Future’ activity with the Grade 9s. The groups had five minutes to interview the different professionals, in order to gain insight into what the working world involved and the different opportunities that are available to them.   

The final activity involved a workshop hosted by the staff and students from the Department of Surgery at WITS. The Grade 9 students were involved in taking their blood pressure, reading x-rays, viewing histology slides, completing reflex tests and learning surgical suture techniques. The workshop provided the Grade 9s with the opportunity to interact with the medical students and learn more about what would be expected of them if they were to pursue careers in the medical profession.

Overall, the three-day project was a success and provided our Grade 9 students with a glimpse into their bright futures.