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Social and emotional

All boys are allocated to a house and siblings are always placed in the same house. House competitions take place throughout the year, encouraging participation.

Crest House Housemaster
Bavin Kent Sheppard
Bishops Andrew Bench
Dodson Craig Jooste
Mirfield     Craig Taylor
Sage Justin Attlee

Role of housemasters:

  • Housemasters are responsible for the academic, cultural, sporting, spiritual and emotional well-being of the boys in their houses (Grade 5 to 7)
  • The Housemaster deals with disciplinary issues and liaises with other members of staff. If a situation requires parental support or intervention, he will contact the boy’s parents
  • The Housemaster is involved in counselling and conflict resolution
  • The Housemaster is responsible for choosing all inter-house sporting teams and is involved in house cultural activities
  • The Housemaster guides the Grade 6 and 7 boys through the St Peter’s Individual Growth (SPIG) Programme
  • The Head of Pastoral Care supports the Housemaster

Pastoral care

The Director of Pastoral Care, Scott Hauptfleisch, works closely with a team of Housemasters and staff to develop emotional quotient (EQ) with the boys, so as to enable them to remain focused and motivated to work to their full potential in all areas of school life. St Peter’s has developed a zero-tolerance policy towards bullying and has a restorative approach to dealing with social and emotional issues.

Boys are encouraged to explore various options when faced with a particular problem and are empowered to make their own choices in dealing with a particular situation or incident. A Housemaster or staff member may serve as the facilitator in this process. Instead of isolating boys who do not conform, the team strives for an amicable solution through building relationships and finding common interests to ensure these boys feel a worthy part of the school system.

Reflection and tutoring, together with the appropriate consequences, are important tools in learning from experiences and preparing the boys for life.

The peer mediation programme is an initiative that was introduced in 2014 with the following objectives in mind:

  • Develop empathy among the boys
  • Enhance listening skills without boys judging others
  • Enable boys to appreciate that there is most often more than one side to a story
  • Develop an understanding of how conflict develops and what triggers it
  • Improve conflict-resolution skills

Our St Peter's Values